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No Thanks - Yes please!

I get asked occasionally to help out with computer or software issues, as I live in a rural area some of those people can be a reasonable drive away, one in particular is 14 miles away, I used TeamViewer to access his computer and we were able to solve many problems over a period of time, Teamviewer then changed their T&C's and the cost for me would outweigh the benefits…..

A search around the Web led me to RemotePC who were offering a 1 year trial for $6 instead of the normal price of $69, it seemed a good deal so I signed up. It was easy to setup and I added several computers, 3 PC's and 2 Mac's along with the iPhone version. One of the PC's is for my CCTV system of 4 IP cameras, RemotePC has no problem showing me all 4 cameras on the iPhone over a 4G connection when I'm away.

I can also easily access a friends PC in the next main town and control it from my Mac, he doesn't phone with problems that often but when he does I can usually solve them in just a few minutes without leaving the house.

A recent email from RemotePC advised me my 1 year trial was coming to an end and asked me to confirm CC details to continue the service, visiting the website I saw another year would cost me $69.95, although I liked the service and it's ease of use I considered it was a little too much to pay at this moment in time so went to their Unsubscribe page, I clicked the 'Yes, Unsubscribe me' button and was immediately shown a 'Please stay with us - Here's a 50% discount voucher', So I have another 12 months using the service for $34.95.

If only they'd have shown me that in the first place…..!

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