Foxvideo Productions

52Mbps to 143Mbps…. then back!

Every Sunday afternoon a local Chapel send me an mp3 audio file of their Sunday morning message to upload to their website, I usually give it a quick top and tail, apply a compressor, EQ it and then upload it, this Sunday turned out a bit different…..

Halfway through the upload RapidWeaver gave a “SSH couldn’t login” error, it’s happened before and a retry usually fixes it but not this time, I exported the site to a local folder and tried another FTP program, same error, a third FTP program also gave the error, as these were all FTP connections from Bookmarks I knew it wasn’t a login or password problem, looking at the Chapel website one whole page was now missing, not good!

My web host has a 365 day ‘Live Chat’ option for help so I contacted them, we went through all the usual questions they have to ask including ‘did I have the correct password?’, they were able to upload a file and strangely I was able to delete it remotely, as I was actually using ‘Live Chat’ and could delete files from their server it was only proving that my Broadband was working, the only other option they could suggest was that I use FileZilla which seemed strange as I already tried 3 different FTP programs, but I guess in an attempt to get me off Chat they gave me some options to try.

FileZilla downloaded but wouldn’t install, so I went back to my host and this time got a more helpful person who reset the Domain and said to allow 30 minutes before trying again. I then thought of trying some of my other domains and these all failed to upload, this gave me the first hint it might not be my web host but a BT problem and the first option with BT troubleshooting is a router reset, I turned it off and had a cup of tea.

10 minutes later, I reconnected the router and tried an upload - same SSH error! Using the BT Wholesale Speedtest website I got a download speed of 143Mbps, a 0 upload and a very long Ping test so I went digging into the router logs most of which I didn’t understand but I did see lots of error messages, back onto ‘Live Chat’ this time to BT.


A very helpful person understood the problem straight away and within seconds I could upload! Another BT Speedtest showed I was back to my normal 52Mbps download and 9Mbps upload speeds, a test with FTP and the Chapel’s missing files went back in seconds and the website was back to normal with the latest Sunday message, in all about 4 hours messing around and I still have no explanation as to the actual problem!