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O2 or Phones4U?

I've had my iPhone 3GS with O2 for over 3 years, it's battery is now failing to hold it's charge so I thought it might be a good time to upgrade. A quick surf around to see what O2 would offer and I found them offering an iPhone 4S for £79.99 and £36 per month on a 2 year deal. I needed something to compare it with so I looked at Phones4U, same phone, same service provider (O2), same calls / texts / internet connection deal - but the phone for free then £31 per month..... it didn't add up to me!

I contacted O2 via their web chat service explaining what I'd found, they immediately then offered me the iPhone 4S for free but still asked for £36 per month, I explained again that Phones4U were offering the exact same deal (on O2) for £5 per month cheaper and would O2 offer an existing customer the same - they refused to budge!

For a 2 year contract, that's £120 difference for the same phone on exactly the same deal, I still can't work it out, I'd have thought in this day and age, with the millions on advertising budgets these phone companies spend, retaining customer loyalty and satisfaction would come high on their list of priorities - it seems not!

Now looking forward to my next YouGov survey....It lets you comment on recent good or bad experiences with purchases, sales, suppliers etc.