Foxvideo Productions

April 2013

Deleted file - had to happen sooner or later...


I'm normally meticulous in saving backups and copies of stuff I produce, you never know when someone will come back and say "that edit you did, can you make some changes for me?"

Yesterday I had a hard drive clear out, I backed up what I thought I needed, made Media Manager copies in Final Cut Pro, checked the Media Manager programs to make sure they opened, double checked everything and then emptied the trash......

3 hours later an email from a previous client (they must have known!), "Could I just....?"- Simple I thought, I'd only archived it a few hours earlier, I opened the Media Manager program and it was all there.....except for 1 small audio file - Panic! - had I got a copy on another drive? - No, did I have a DVD data disc file backup? - No.

OK, no problem, I had several 'un-delete' programs I'd collected, both free and paid, just use one of those - the drives hadn't had anything written to them since earlier that day, the files must still be available - I'm not going to name any of them but they all took forever and didn't find what I wanted, I went to bed and thought I'd sort it in the morning.

A surf around next day led me to Remo Recover for Mac, I tried the demo - it worked, I could see the file I needed, so £54 off my Paypal account and within 10 minutes I'd recovered the file, dropped it into the Media Manager program in Final Cut Pro and I was sorted. Got to say Remo was fast, very fast and found virtually all the files I'd deleted the day previous.

There's been the odd occasion I've deleted a file and thought "I wish I hadn't done that" but it's never been more than a minor inconvenience, this time it was a bit more serious, it would have taken many hours to sort if I'd not recovered the file. Now I know I've got a program that I've proved can help recover it if I make a mistake again!

TRAM TR50 microphone - Wow!


I had a job yesterday, interviewing a sheep farmer and how he'd coped lambing with the current bad weather we've had. When I arrived I found the ideal location with some sheep in the background but the wind was a problem, normally I'd have used a Sennheiser wireless mic but I decided this was a job for a wired mic so I used a TRAM TR50, over the capsule I used a furry (similar to the ones seen recently on TV) and although it sounded good in the headphones I was still a bit sceptical I'd get good sound. I couldn't wait to get back and listen in the edit suite and was blown away (OK, pun!) - the sound was crystal clear with no wind noise at all, I'll certainly look at using this mic on more occasions.

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