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February 2012

Goodbye Apple Mail, Hello Thunderbird

For years I've been using Thunderbird for email, first on a PC then when that machine died and I switched to a G4 laptop as my main web / email machine I used Thunderbird on that, I just grabbed the profile folder from the PC and installed it in the User / Library on the Mac and it worked, complete with all my old received and sent emails, address book and plugins!

When I setup my Intel Mac Pro with 2 boot drives and Lion, I thought I'd really try and give Apple Mail a go, with an iPhone, an iPad and an Mac Pro I thought it'd all work together - yes it did but, Mail just didn't work in the way I'd like so I've switched back to Thunderbird as my main email client - again I just grabbed my profile folder from a Mac portable version of Thunderbird on a USB stick and installed it in a new version of Thunderbird on the Mac Pro.

It might be me just not getting on with Apple Mail, but I have a custom 'incoming mail' message that I like, I couldn't get Mail to use it, I couldn't get Mail to work with Spam filters other than setup a 'Rule' for each spam message and I couldn't find any way to get 'Delivered' and 'Read' receipts to work, I also have a 'template' email I need to send out once a month, Mail would let me keep it as a 'Draft' but I couldn't then drag it in, edit and send it, I also like the way I can have my daily calendar displayed to the side of my email main window using the Lightning plugin for Thunderbird rather than having 2 Apps open - Mail and iCal, Thunderbird gives me all these and more so it's goodbye Apple Mail - hello Thunderbird on my Mac Pro anyway!

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