Foxvideo Productions

July 2016

FCP 7 - Still top dog?

Very interesting watching the BBC programme "Click" this week, described on it's website as "Click is the BBC’s flagship technology programme" a news item on the new App Prisma showed the Click team using FCP 7 - There's still hope for me yet!

Something borrowed...

A little play with a DJI Phantom 2 borrowed from a good friend, very impressed with the camera quality, a lot of practice required!


Bargain of the week


After the purchase of my bargain HD110U a few weeks ago, I’ve struck lucky again. Although I’m using FCPX more and more, I find it better for shorter, snappier videos, I still fall back on FCP 7 for longer, more complex videos, I guess I find it hard to ‘forget’ 14 years of work arounds, shortcuts and tricks that I’ve learned - put it down to my advancing years although the mind is younger than the body!

I have a client (older than me!) that I’ve supported on FCP for many years who refuses to change from FCP to X, I rebuilt his machine for him earlier this year and we put FCP 6 back on which he’s happily been using for wedding and school stuff, I did mention 6 was replaced with 7 but trying to buy the upgrade was almost impossible as they tended to get snapped up as soon as they appeared, often at inflated s/h prices, I suggested he keep an eye on eBay for any to appear.

Reading a video forum recently I spotted a full version FCP Studio 3 for sale at £55 UKP, it was bought and installed but never used and the machine had long since been reformatted and sold - I jumped at it and bought it - considering this would have cost over £800 at the time I thought it a good deal for my client and after contacting him, I’m loading it on his Mac next week.

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