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ISOBuster saves the day

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There's no doubt producing and mastering to DVD is way better than using analogue tape but just occasionally something goes wrong with a DVD that throws a spanner in the works - today was such a day!

I sometimes get asked to convert VHS and S-VHS tapes to DVD, I use a combination of tape players to a Liteon DVD recorder through an MX50 and get good results. As a favour for a friend I'd successfully captured 5 short VHS-C tapes and was on the 6th, all to 1 DVD when something went wrong, I'm not sure what but the DVD refused to show - I just got a message "Insert a blank DVD" - BUT THERE WAS ALREADY ONE IN THERE WITH NEARLY 2 HOURS OF CAPTURED VIDEO - Urgh!

I tried for 10 minutes to get the half finished DVD to show up but failed, it would't read in my Mac either as it hadn't been finalised - all that work lost!

I did remember a PC program that could read non finalised DVD's - ISOBuster, so using an old PC I've not used for many months, I downloaded a copy and installed it, it saw the non finalised DVD but I needed to register to save as a Video_TS folder, £36 off my credit card and the program saved all the contents from the DVD to the PC desktop. Moving the files to my Mac I could then burn a DVD from a Video_TS folder using Toast, testing the DVD in a player and all was fine. ISOBuster is probably one of those programs I'll only ever use once in a blue moon, so it's good to know it works on non finalised DVD's when needed.

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