Foxvideo Productions

Video / DVD production and editing

Produced from amateur photographs shot by volunteers to Nicaragua and to a poem written by Richard Geary, Project Manager / Field Director for The Peace and Hope Trust UK, shown at the annual Gorsley event for supporters.
The 2016 Peace and Hope ‘Building Brighter Futures’ video, produced in FCPX. (Change the Youtube ‘cog wheel’ to 720 to play in HD)
A green screen shoot, initially as a test, with a view to find funding for a future series.
Produced from photographs and video shot by volunteers from The Peace and Hope Trust UK on a visit to Bluefields Nicaragua in early 2015 and shown at the Annual Peace and Hope Trust Conference, then uploaded to the Peace and Hope Trust YouTube Channel.
A ‘Preview’ clip for Oxenhall History Group for a DVD, shot over 14 months to mark the 100th Anniversary of the sale of the Oxenhall Estate and produced with financial support from The National Lottery Fund.
The return of the Wye Invader back down the River Wye and passing over the famous Symonds Yat Rapids on her journey to Sharpness in late 2012 / early 2013 after being moored just outside Hereford for 23 years. The 38 metre (124 foot) Dutch Barge originally navigated the South Coast, the River Severn and the River Wye back in 1989, the first barge of her size to so in over 150 years. Video produced from photographs and amateur video footage shot by the Crew, friends and supporters and edited / produced by Foxvideo Productions. Wye Invader website:
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An appeal for funds to refurbish the old barn at the Tom Roberts Adventure Centre, Malswick for use as a Conference Centre.
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A 'fly on the wall' video for Nia at Spring Harvest in Minehead for her web and blog pages.